Letters from the Looking Glass

"Where should I go?" -Alice

"That depends on where you want to end up"-Cheshire Cat

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Dearest Looking Glass Travelers!

We've just come back from a whirlwind trip to Pandora! We've got a ton of pictures, tips and tricks for your next adventure!

Pandora-The World of Avatar was designed with such intricacy and detail, you will forever find something new that you hadn't seen before. At night, it lights up with bioluminescence  and literally glows purple, blue, and green. There are new foods and drinks to taste and since it's been 'reclaimed' by the Na'vi and people of Earth, there's even a certain 'smell' to the air in the area (to me, it smelled like jalapenos)

Let's get personal for a minute though, ok? I'm a "Pooh Sized" person~a person of larger stature, and everyone was scared and wondering if 'we' would fit on Flight of Passage, a wonderful/amazing/incredible new ride in Pandora-World of Avatar. There have been a Lot of reports of people not fitting on the ride, and honestly, that's why we go to Disney, right? Disney is Pooh Friendly! When reports of not-fitting came out, we were shocked! Will there be test seats? Why have we waited SO long, only to be told no? Why did this happen?

Well, it's going to be ok! There are a few handy tips that will help you get on Flight of Passage. I am 5' 4" tall, weigh 253 lbs, am Apple shaped, and have calves like a soccer player. The ride is designed like a motorcycle (not a Harley, like a fast racing-style bike). If you remember what the Tron motorcycles look like, that's what we're looking at.

When you enter the seat, scoot all the way forward and arch your back, sitting up as tall as you possibly can. If you're a female, like I am, hoist those 'girls' up, like you're putting them up on the 'shelf' of the bike. Now, scoot your legs completely forward as well, pointing your toes, as if you were standing on your tip-toes.

Both my husband Peter and I rode the ride (He's 6' 2" and about 270 lbs with a belly) and honestly, it's the most exhilarating ride on the planet.

I will be honest, the test seat doesn't guarantee that you'll ride. It doesn't 'click' in to secure you into the seat to verify that you are able to ride. This ride was quite possibly the most heartbreaking and most amazing ride I've ever been on at the same possible time. While I fit, and was nervous because I'm afraid of heights (more on that in a minute), there was another woman in the same 'car' with us that did do the test seat, thought she was ok, and inevitably got the 'Walk of Shame' when the restraints wouldn't click closed. I felt so bad for her. I've been with someone close who got the Walk of Shame before and sat in horror as it happened...I wish that there was something I could do, but alas, the ride restraints are there for our safety and must be followed.

Now, I'm terrified of heights, and I know that this ride is all about flying on the back of a Banshee. That means tops of mountains, plunging, swooping and diving. And it does not disappoint! I went in head on and faced my fears, albeit at the chicken stage of a "1". You can choose a Level, 1 for Mild, 2 for Regular and 3 for Intense. I chose a 1. You got sights, smells, water and air rushing your face and the movement of actually flying without leaving the ground. It was the most amazing ride I've ever been on, to say the very least!

Oh, and Na'Vi River Journey was pretty cool too!

We really do look forward to planning your adventure with you. We had the most amazing time at Animal Kingdom and Pandora, The World of Avatar. We're going to show off some of the neat toys and animals we brought back with us next, like our Na'Vi translator and our new friend Bella the Banshee! Come back soon to check it out!

Jillian Urban