Pam Laukaitis

Pensacola, FL (currently)

Hello There! I’m Pam. From the time I was a small child, I have had a passion for travel, and an equally big passion for all things Disney! My first plane ride was to Santiago, Chile in 1993 at 4 years-old! Gotta love family living everywhere.
Originally from right outside Washington, DC (Fairfax and Stafford, VA), I was able to grow up around a lot of different people and learn about what makes different cultures unique and special! I lived in central North Carolina for about 14 years, until I chased a US Marine (and my 2 gorgeous bonus kids) down to Fort Worth, Texas in 2016. We tied the knot in 2019, and since then have moved to 2 more duty stations and added 2 dogs to our family! A mutt named Evie and a golden named Emma. We love our Disney vacations, but we also love cruising and traveling to the mountains of Tennessee. We are also HUGE Star Wars fans, and love Galaxy’s Edge! Outside of travel and learning about different cultures, I’m passionate about volunteering, cooking, reading, writing, learning new languages, and playing video games.
As a military spouse, I know that planning a trip can be time consuming while life doesn’t stop, especially when working around TDY and travel restrictions, so I’m here to help take the stress off of you while creating a trip you and your family will never forget! Let’s make some magic happen! ✨ 

Travel History:
Walt Disney World
Disney Cruise Line (WISH)- Nassau, Bahamas
Universal Studios Orlando
Tokyo Disney Sea
Six Flags over Texas
Washington, DC
San Diego, CA
Dallas/Fort Worth, TX
Copenhagen, Denmark
Malmö/ Lund, Sweden
Tel Aviv/ Jerusalem/ Tzfat, Israel
Tokyo/ Kyoto/ Osaka/ Matsumoto, Japan
Santiago/Valparaíso/Concón/Osorno, Chile
Montreal, Canada

Walt Disney World
Disney Cruise Lines
Adventures By Disney
Universal Studios Orlando
Military Travel 
Solo Travel
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