June, 2023

     Absolutely the cutest thing we've experienced this summer has to be the new Minions Cafe at Universal Studios Orlando.

Hands down, the theming of this Cafe is on point. The minions have outdone themselves with their decor, and the menu is satisfying enough for even the pickiest of eaters.

     Now, to be fair, we're not usually ones to eat a lot at the parks at Universal. We prefer to eat at Citywalk, as there's more variety for our money. We were pleasantly surprised for the quality of food at Minions Cafe!

     One thing to note is that everything is mobile order, so make sure that your app is updated with your payment form before heading to the parks. There's a QR code on your table to order your food, and you scan when you sit down at your table.

     You're welcomed to wander around and take photos of the cafe while your waiting for your food. There's a minion breakroom area, and an area that's decorated with all of the minions pet rocks. SO CUTE! Make sure to check out the freezer, you might find someone hiding in there

     We ordered both of the specialty drinks, PX-41 Punch (purple) and The Antidote (yellow). The Punch is lemonade with flavors of strawberry and kiwi with angry minion colored topping and blue raspberry pop rocks. The Antidote has oodles of banana flavor with minion colored topping and graham cracker crumbles. The toppings are more of a whipped buttercream frosting and very sweet. The lemonade is very lemony, and the banana is a very strong banana flavor, akin to Jelly Belly soda, if you've ever had it.

     For our meal, we tried the Freedonia Festival of Mac & Cheese and Otto's Noodle Bowl. The Mac & Cheese is a mini-minion meal, and comes with minion tots. They're so cute! Definitely kid approved! Otto's noodle bowl was very good, and Pete approved as well. Pete dug into it so quickly that we weren't able to get photos, it was that tasty! All mini-minion meals come with a mini banana, so that's cool!

     Of course, we had to try some of the desserts. We tried the Minion Swiss Roll and Bob's Teddy Bear. The Minion Swiss Roll is vanilla cake with pineapple cardamom whipped ganache and a passion fruit banana with a chocolate shell. The banana was ok, the consistency of the filling was a little grainy, but it was still good tasting. Bob's Teddy Bear was awesome. It's a chocolate cream puff with a chocolate whipped ganache filling, and honestly, we could have eaten about 3 of these, it was that good. It almost had a crushed cookie type texture, if it can be described that way, and the inside was super silky, making it very refreshing on a hot day.

     Minions Cafe is a very welcome addition to Universal Studios Orlando, and the food is really good. We highly recommend adding it to your adventure! Let's get your vacation planned! This cafe will definitely be on our must-do list for a long time to come!

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