Lynn Hopkins

Texas City, TX

Growing up in Southern California, my introduction to Disney started at a very young age, visiting DisneyLand at least 3 times a year. I can still remember my cousins and I piling in the family station wagon for our exciting journey, that I now know as nothing less than surreal! We would belt out our favorite Disney tunes such as “It’s A Small World”, “The Bare Necessities” and other favorites. About halfway to our destination, my uncle would announce “First one to spot the Matterhorn gets a quarter!” A quarter wow! We would think of all the different treasures we could get with that shiny quarter on Main Street U.S.A. In my teenage years, I still loved Disneyland and everything Disney, but now secretly sang those childhood Disney songs that were ingrained into my brain. As an adult raising children, I got to revisit my childhood memories and watch through my children’s eyes the fantasy of Walt Disney’s Dream! Later in life, I was lucky enough to meet a co-worker who would introduce me to a whole new Disney experience, Walt Disney World!  My first time there, I was once again reminded how exciting Disney could be at any age! Coming full circle, I have been planning Disney vacations for over 25 years. Disney experiences are nothing like they were back then, when you just walked into the park and the “E” ticket was the first ticket ripped from the ticket booklet. Now, there’s which resort is the best for our needs, fast passes, Dining plans & reservations, special shows and themed parties, along with so many other types of Disney Destinations. As a Travel Specialist, I can help you with all those customized vacation memories for you and your family!


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