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Rachel Langer
Kenosha, WI

Hello there to you! If you are here, that probably means YOU are looking to plan a family vacation. THIS IS AWESOME! I am a travel agent with Looking Glass Travel, obsessed specializing in Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando. I honestly think with all my heart that every family should visit the place where dreams really do come true at least once! I know it can be a bit intimidating, but that is why we are here! I got this. From ADR to FP I am your Disney World ninja.
My love of Walt Disney World came as an adult. I did not visit myself as a child, but instead took my own family on my very first trip. What made me fall in love with this vacation destination is the togetherness we experienced as a family. There is so much that the entire family can enjoy together; rides, shows, character meetings, parades, fireworks, and more! It truly is a place that fulfills Walt Disney’s vision as a place parents can play with their children. There is no sitting on a bench watching the kids have all the fun. You can jump right in and act like a child yourself!
Your kids will love it and you will all keep those memories close to your hearts for a lifetime!

Travel History:
Walt Disney World Resort
I have honestly seriously lost count how many times. I should probably just move in.

1. Walt Disney World Resort
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