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Kristain Morris
Asheboro, North Carolina

Hey y’all! My Disney obsession started very young. My mama always made sure we saw the latest Disney movie in theaters, we would wait for the VHS and then I would destroy them by watching the movie over and over again. Believe it or not, I didn’t take my first Disney World trip until May 2014, when my child was 3 ½ . Since then, we have been over 20 times! To say I am a Disney-holic is an understatement. I have always worked with people and so getting to share my love of Disney with first timers or people who haven’t gotten to experience Disney a lot is a dream come true.

TRAVEL HISTORY: Walt Disney World, Miami, Chattanooga, Myrtle Beach, Cozumel, Nassau, Virginia Beach, Key West, Nashville, Brunswick

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