Anne Leggett
South Boston VA

Whether it’s to learn about and experience other cultures (Africa!) or purely to have fun (Disney!), I love to travel. And I love planning trips and helping others experience the world around them. Through many trips as a child, mother, tag-along, solo traveler and all-adult, I’ve experienced Walt Disney World in a number of different ways. And I’m a sucker for Disney history and trivia.  BUT my passion isn’t limited to Disney. I love international trips, road trips, cruising, and camping just to name a few. My Virginia home gives me access to favorite east coast destinations such as Washington DC, NYC, Colonial Williamsburg, Florida, and beautiful Virginia and North & South Carolina beaches.

Travel History:
Disney Cruise Line...
 Walt Disney World... nine times since my first trip in 1971, including 3 trips in the past year.
Adventures by Disney...
Aulani, a Disney Resort and Spa, Honolulu, Hawaii...
 Universal Studios Orlando... coming up in December!
Norweigan Cruise Line... one time
Universal Studios Hollywood...
NYC… numerous times
Colonial Williamsburg… numerous times

Other destinations
Rwanda and Uganda (including a safari and a cruise along the Nile)
Hudson River Valley, NY
Washington, DC

Disney Cruise Line
Walt Disney World
Adventures By Disney
Universal Studios Orlando
Royal Caribbean Cruise Line

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